2017 Playground Update

We’re pleased to announce a substantial upgrade to the Chugach Neighborhood.

We’re building a new playground

The Everyday Heroes playground will be located in the Chugach Neighborhood. We expect this project will be completed around 4 July 2017. It will include features designed for kids of all ages, themed around those cape-less heroes who serve in and enhance our community.

Construction has already begun!

How do you decide on new playgrounds?

We account for recent playground demolitions, playground age, available land, and overall demand and use when determining when and where to enhance common areas.  If you have a suggestion for a particular feature, or would like to see additional recreational areas within JBER’s many neighborhoods, let your mayor know.

Is this the only playground being built this year?

Yes, while there are some modifications and improvements being made to some playgrounds and recreation areas. This is the only major Aurora-managed playground construction project slated for 2017 completion.

Are there any other large playgrounds on JBER?

Yes! Aurora manages nearly 100 playgrounds and recreation areas, including the popular themed playparks: Forest Fort Playground at Cherry Hill, the Pirate’s Cove Playground in Sunflower, and the Rocket Park at Richardson.