Christmas Tree Disposal

Photo of a Decorated Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are beautiful. They fill our hearts with great joy, but towards the end of the season they, like us all, begin to lose their holiday spirit. Their branches droop, their needles scatter across the floor, they long to be let free from the confines of your meticulously decorated home. Luckily for all AMH residents, there are multiple drop off locations for Christmas trees.

When and Where?

From 2 Jan to 12 Jan, dumpsters will be placed at both of our offices to collect old Christmas trees.

Remove All Decorations

All lights, ceramic snowmen, plastic Santas, and other such trinkets should be removed from the tree prior to disposal.

Santa is Watching

You may be thinking “giant dumpsters, what a great opportunity to get rid of all of my wrapping paper and cardboard boxes”. Unfortunately these dumpsters are only designated for green material; all tree material will be recycled into mulch. Those who ignore this rule, well, there’s a special place at the top of Santa’s 2018 Naughty List for you.

What about the boxes that all of my loot came in?

Alas, cardboard is recyclable, and can be placed into your recycling tipster. JBER also has multiple cardboard trailers located around the installation.