Appliance Cleaning Tips

Dirty Appliances are not only unsightly; they can also increase the risk of fire and operate in a less than satisfactory manner.  Dedicating a small amount of time to keeping appliances clean during your tenancy makes cleaning at move-out a snap.

Washing Machines

Soap Scum Buildup?

Add 2-3 cups of vinegar and 1 cup of baking soda or 4 Oz CLR; then run 2 cycles using hot/ warm water. This should free up any dirt or stains on the interior of the appliance.


Dirty Lint Traps?

Lint trap style may vary from home to home.

Clean the lint trap after each use; it not only reduces the risk of fire, it also allows the machine to work more efficiently.  Lint should just roll off, but you may have to use a brush to get any stubborn areas.


Use the Self Clean function!

Self clean heats the oven to a high temperature, allowing for any build-up to burn off.  Once the process (usually 5-6 hours) is completed and the oven is cooled, use a cloth to remove any of the charred debris.  Be sure you’re running the range hood exhaust fan during the cleaning to keep the smell to the minimum.

Electric Stoves

Clean the Burners!

While it’s certainly tempting, try not to submerge in water or place in the dishwasher! Use a damp cloth.

Gas Stoves

Clean the Burners!

Do not submerge in water or place in the dishwasher! Instead, place the grey enamel caps and burners into the oven while on self-clean. Easy!

Gas grey enamel burners can be placed in the oven to bake off stubborn stains!

Range Hoods

Don’t forget the range hood!

The range hood is located above the stove top and can (and will) collect grease.

Replace the Appliance Bulbs at the U-Fix-It if they are burned out!

Bring in your burnt out bulbs and we’ll swap them out with shiny new ones.

Light Cover CPR

The light cover over the range hood suffers the brunt of grease buildup; use CLR or a similar product to remove buildup. If the light cover is broken or severely warped, bring it into the U-Fix-It for replacement!


Mineral Buildup?

Pour a cup of vinegar or 4 Oz CLR into an empty dishwasher; then run it through 2 cycles.

Grime around the gasket and door hinge?

Use a scrub brush to loosen the grime, then run the dishwasher.


Dirty Shelves? Nasty Spill?

Remove the shelves / bins and rinse them in the sink.

Clean the Coils!

Fridge coils.

When dust gathers on refrigerators with exposed coils on their rear, it can create a fire hazard. Clearing the coils reduces this risk.

Front Vent

Vacuum out the front vent/grill of refrigerator.