Appliance Spotlight: Refrigerators

Fridge with fruits and veggies

The all American refrigerator wears many hats. It preserves our butter and bacon, protects our ice cream, and gives our lettuce a place to lay its head at night. It is our dearest friend and above all our closest ally and we must be there for it, so it may continue to be there for us.


Clean the Shelves

You bathe your cat, your dog, your children, yourself.  You wash your sheets, scrub the tub, and clean your clothes. You clean the things you love the most. So why then, does the fridge so often get neglected? Spills, rotten parsley, and hardened pieces of cheese get more difficult to clean over time. Most shelves and crisper bins can be quickly removed and placed in the sink or bath tub for a quick rinse or soak.

Grills and Coils

The coils on the back/underside of the fridge and the vent on the front are both prone to collecting dust. A quick vacuum will help eliminate fire hazards.


Don’t Block Vents

The cold air has to enter somehow. Placing items over the vents will cause those items to get very cold, but won’t distribute the coolness around, causing the fridge to work hard to maintain its temperature.

Close the Doors all the Way

It is truly a tragic site waking up to see last nights’ ice cream slowly drip out of your slightly cracked open freezer. Close the door all the way, do it for dairy.

Use the Crisper

Ultimately fruits and veggies prone to wilting should be placed in high humidity (usually labeled as “vegetable”) drawers, with fruits and veggies prone to rotting stored in low humidity (usually labeled as “fruit”) drawers. For the most part, fruits are prone to rotting and veggies are prone to wilting, but this isn’t always the case (i.e. berries should be stored in higher humidity drawers).



“My fridge won’t stay cool enough”

First, check the temperature. Is it on the lowest setting?

Second, check to see that vents are not blocked.

Third, make sure the fridge closes all the way.

If none of these items work, contact emergency maintenance.

“My fridge shelf/crisper bin is broken”

Contact maintenance and be ready to provide your fridges brand and model #. Extra points if you submit a photo at  This is typically found on the inside door of the fridge. We can get one ordered for you.

“My door doesn’t close properly or won’t seal”

First check to make sure your door isn’t overloaded. An abundance of items will weigh down the door and slowly bend the hinges, preventing sealing. Additionally, the gaskets on the door wear away over time. Regardless of the cause, you’ll likely need to contact maintenance.

Refrigerator Emergencies

If your fridge stops working or is unable to stay at a proper temperature, our maintenance team will deliver a temporary refrigerator (placed in your garage). While it’s never fun to have an appliance go out on you, at the very least your food will have a place to stay until repairs are completed.