Burn Bans and Recreation

metal fire pit on stone material

Burn bans are a familiar occurrence during Alaskan summers. They are issued by the JBER Fire Prevention office to help lower the risk of wildfires.

Is there a burn ban now?

Check Burn Ban Status

Questions about the burn ban restrictions may be directed to the JBER Fire Prevention Office at 384-5555.

Are all burn bans the same?

No! Sometimes there is an outright ban on grills, sometimes the ban is just on fire pits; checking the JBER Fire Prevention Office page (below) or JBER’s facebook page will provide further details on a specific ban.

Outdoor Fires On JBER

For many of us, outdoor summer gatherings are a common occurrence and it isn’t truly a proper summer gathering without a fire pit. There are however, rules for fires on JBER, regardless of burn ban status. Most are common sense, but it’s good to familiarize yourself as they’re in place to protect your family, our property, and the environment.

From the Handbook

13.7.10 GRILLS, SMOKERS, CHIMINEAS, FIRE PITS. These items must be used a minimum of 10 feet from any combustible fixture, i.e.: house, deck, sheds, trees, etc. They cannot be used on any wooden or other combustible surface. Grills, chimineas, and fire pits must be completely cooled, fuel tanks closed, and all ash material removed prior to storage nearer than 10 feet to housing unit. They must be stored within the fenced in yard area. 

Breaking Down the Handbook

Keep fire pits away from the house/fence/trampoline/trees and remove ash material when not in use. Also, use a metal fire pit; do not dig one in your yard.


Safety Tips for preventing wildfires