Burn Ban (24 June) [LIFTED]

Burn bans are a familiar occurrence during Alaskan summers. They are issued by the JBER Fire Prevention office to help lower the risk of wildfires. A burn ban is now in effect for all of JBER.

Is there a burn ban now?

EDIT (29 July 2019): The burn ban has been lifted on JBER.

YES. JBER issued the ban effective immediately. This current ban mirrors the Municipality of Anchorage’s burn ban. Open fires are currently prohibited, however the use of barbecue and pellet grills are still allowed. 

Are all burn bans the same?

No! Sometimes there is an outright ban on grills, sometimes the ban is just on fire pits; checking the JBER Fire Prevention Office page or JBER’s facebook page will provide further details on a specific ban as well as timely advice for preventing fires.