Care for Your Lawn

sprinkler on green grass

So you know what is offered, but how do you use it? Every lawn is different, but following these steps will put you on the path to a healthy, green lawn.


Fill in any holes, pick up pet waste, and remove debris

The Elmendorf U-Fix-It offers topsoil to all residents. Please bring your own receptacle for transporting.  You may pick up a loaner shovel or rake from the U-Fix-It to assist with this process.  Pet waste does not fertilize the yard and will hinder growth of grass.

Aerate your yard

Pick up a pair of loaner Aerator Shoes (grass cleats). These help increase airflow and drainage in the ground, enabling faster and more reliable grass growth.

Apply Limestone

Lime helps mitigate lawn damage caused by ice melt and pet waste by restoring PH balance. It also provides nutrients such as magnesium and calcium. We offer loaner broadcast/hand spreaders to assist in this process.  Be sure to water the lime for 30 minutes/ day for one week prior to applying grass seed or fertilizer.

For large amounts of pet waste/urine in the yard, you may have to use close to an entire bag. For all other yards, you shouldn’t use more than half of a bag.

Late Spring/Early Summer

Fertilize/ Seed

You may wish to pick up a loaner broadcast or hand spreader from the U-Fix-It.  First spread the fertilizer; grab a rake and lightly rake across the soil (just enough to loosen the soil). Water it in. Wait a few days, then spread the grass seed. Water it in. The grass seed should stay moist throughout all germination (growth).

Water 3 times/ day for 10 minutes at a time. Expect to begin to see growth between 2 and 4 weeks after application.


  • Pet urine/waste will hinder growth; it is advised to minimize pet traffic in a newly established lawn.
  • After the initial fertilizing/seeding, grass should be watered roughly 2 times a week for 30-40 minutes.
  • Start cutting newly established grass once it has reached 4-6″ to reduce damage to grass stalks and roots.


Leftover Grass Seed

Always store grass seed in an air tight container so as not to attract pests such as shrews and voles!

Pre-winter Limestone

Apply limestone prior to the ground freezing to help prepare the lawn for winter.