CES Haunted House (1-3 Nov)

To many, the days after a night of Halloween trick or treating are characterized by a rapid transition into the holiday season. The candy corns, plastic bats and spiders, toothy pumpkins, and other spooky decorations are quickly replaced with dried husks of corn, turkeys, and normal boring pumpkins without faces on them. To many Halloween enthusiasts, this abrupt shift into festivity from spooky can be difficult. Fortunately the people who bring you things like roads, water, and electricity will now be bringing you a few more days of Halloween during the first ever JBER Joint Civil Engineer Night of Horror and Haunted House!

Who: 611th, 673d, and 773d Civil Engineer Squadrons are putting on this amazing event open to anyone with base access.

Date: 1-3 November (Halloween Weekend #2)

Food: Food Trucks/Vendors selling Hot Dogs, Hot Chocolate, Coffee, and more

Location: Attu Hall, Bldg 977, JBER-R. There will be security and parking lot attendants.


A fun-focused Halloween experience not intended to be scary. Think of it as a toned down haunted house where all of the inhabitants want to feed you candy, not feast on your soul.

Time: 1830 to 1930

Cost: $15/family (Service Member(s) and Dependents in a Single Household)

Ages: All

NIGHT OF HORROR (Adults only)

A scare focused haunted house where CE departments throw all they’ve got at you. This is not for the faint of heart, and definitely not for kids.

Time: 1930 to 2330

Cost: $10 Per Person

Childcare: Included 🙂

Ages: 13+ (with parental supervision)

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