Childproofing Your Home


The U-Fix-It provides a variety of items to assist you in childproofing and eliminating hazards from your home. Items available for free in the U-Fix-It are notated with a *

Use Cabinet and Drawer Latches*

Prevent access to lighters, knives, chemicals, medications, and other hazards.

Utilize Outlet Covers*

Replace cracked, damaged, or missing outlet covers.

Use Outlet Safety Plugs*

Prevent children from putting objects in outlets.

Keep blind strings out of reach with Blind String Holders*

Prevent strangulation, secure strings out of reach of children.

Keep Smoke/CO Detectors Operational

Each home includes a fully operational life safety system. It’s imperative that you test detectors once a month, and replace batteries* once yearly. Phone in broken smoke or CO detectors to maintenance; they’re considered an emergency!

Ensure your Fire Extinguisher* is fully charged

Bring it to a U-Fix-It for reissue or replacement if: the date on the yellow tag has passed, the gauge does not indicate “full”, or the fire extinguisher has been discharged. It’s critical that you are doing quick, monthly fire extinguisher checks.

Utilize privacy locks and safety gates

Limit access to dangerous hazards.