Community Feature Updates (2018)

Community features are a huge part of life on JBER, and we’re pleased to announce a number of substantial improvements and upgrades slated for completion this year.

Moose Crossing Playground

This year’s upgrade- Moose Crossing! Get ready for one of our largest theme parks yet. Aspiring cowboys and cowgirls will feel right at home in this western wonderland. The playground will feature two distinct areas: one for ages 2-5 and another for ages 5-12.


Should construction go as planned, the playground will be opening at High Noon on 29 July.

Sunflower Playgrounds

Two smaller playgrounds are being added to the sunflower neighborhood. These playgrounds are for ages 2-5.

  • Behind Bldg 4196 on Fairchild (Close to Arctic Warrior Drive)
  • Between Bldg 2168 and 2172 (Near intersection of Fairchild Ave and 2nd street)

Playground Restrooms

The neighborhood theme parks draw families from all over the installation, with popularity far exceeding anything we had predicted.

While this is awesome, it certainly gets interesting when nature calls amidst a playground adventure in a foreign neighborhood. Do you hop in the car and drive back home? Go in the woods? Knock on a bordering home’s door and ask to use their bathroom? Reject the call and keep playing? Luckily, this year, you will no longer have to make these decisions- we’re deploying portable restrooms in all neighborhoods during the summer season!

All restrooms will be handicap accessible, and will be cleaned regularly.

Playground Trash Receptacles

We’ve said it time and time again, bears and wildlife are attracted to consistent sources of food. This is why we’ve began deploying bear proof trash receptacles in public neighborhood parks.

Community feature Q and A

How do you decide on new playgrounds?

We account for recent playground demolitions, playground age, available land, and overall demand and use when determining when and where to enhance common areas.  If you have a suggestion for a particular feature, or would like to see additional recreational areas within JBER’s many neighborhoods, let your mayor know.


Of course, development of these features must be approved by JBER and AMH.  When deciding on and budgeting for these upgrades, it helps to know what the community desires. Many new features are added due to requests from residents and mayors.

Are there any other large playgrounds on JBER?

Yes! We manage nearly 100 playgrounds and recreation areas, including the popular themed Playgrounds: Everyday Heroes Playground at Chugach, Forest Fort Playground at Cherry Hill, the Pirate’s Cove Playground in Sunflower, and the Rocket Park at Richardson.