Community Yard Sale (2018)

Community Yard Sale Dates

The 2018 JBER-wide community yard sale is almost upon us!


The yard sale will take place on Friday, July 27, Saturday, July 28, and Sunday, July 29.


Signs are available first come- first served from the U-Fix-It and can be rented for 3 days.  Only the signs distributed through the U-Fix-It are approved for posting on JBER. That being said, signs are not required during the weekend of the community yard sale.


Vehicle Drivers: It goes without saying, but all the great deals and excitement in the air will likely lure many of your neighbors outside. Drive slowly, obey stop signs, and keep your eyes wide open.

Pedestrians: Yes, that coffee table across the street is adorable and yes, it will accent your couch perfectly and yes, you absolutely have to drop everything you’re doing and go buy it now; but please, when you get to the street, look to make sure a vehicle isn’t coming.