Earthquake Update (17 Dec)

crack in concrete

Over the past three weeks, our team has responded to nearly 400 earthquake related maintenance requests. We are continuing to triage and respond to requests as they arise.


Geologists predict that aftershocks will continue for years. Be prepared for aftershocks and future earthquakes.

One of the biggest immediate threats during earthquakes are everyday objects, such as picture frames, TVs, bookshelves, etc that can fall or become projectiles. It is important to note that while an earthquake may seem mild at the start, it can intensify in a matter of seconds.

It is imperative that everyone in your family practice Drop, Cover, and Hold On, especially children. Intense shaking may make it difficult for you to get to them while an earthquake is occurring.

Watch for Additional Damage

Damage can occur or be exacerbated following aftershocks, so continue to keep an eye out for maintenance or structural issues. In addition, check yards for sinkholes or cracks once snow melts in the Spring.

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Prepare for Future Disasters

How well prepared for the November 2018 earthquake were you? We’ve compiled some suggestions below.

  • Familiarize yourself with safe spots around your home and office.
  • Secure large objects to walls (additionally, try not to hang heavy pictures or objects over your bed).
  • Inspect your water heater, furnace or boiler regularly. We secure these with earthquake straps to help limit the risk of gas lines rupturing; contact maintenance if you have any concerns.
  • Create or purchase a disaster kit for your home, work, and car. These can be pricey if purchased outright; it is not unreasonable to create a list and shop the sales over time.
  • Know how to turn off gas, electricity, and water in your home.
  • Learn how to open a garage door manually (we’ll gladly explain if you contact maintenance)
  • Memorize important phone numbers and retain physical copies of important documents.
  • Have a family disaster preparedness plan (and practice it). Utilizing an out of state contact for all family members to check in with can ensure your family stays connected should local communication systems be down.

Personal Property Damages

The renter’s insurance policy that we provide to each resident excludes earthquakes from coverage. This means that they will not provide reimbursements for damage to personal property resulting from the earthquake. Please do not attempt to submit claims.

If you have an additional, supplemental policy, you should consult with your insurance agent and the policy itself to determine if earthquakes are included.

JBER Support

JAG has a support page that details additional avenues for potential reimbursement. The State of Alaska also has an earthquake relief program in place.

Read the JAG Post

State of Alaska Support

The State of Alaska has disaster assistance available. Apply online or call 855-445-7131. The deadline is approaching, so be sure to file a claim soon if you are planning to do so.

View State Individual Assistance Page

JBER Support Services

Earthquakes are troubling, and you are not alone in facing challenges following the quake. Whether is be for you or someone in your family, assistance is available.

View All JBER Support Services

View MFLC Information


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