Fall Reminders

photo of lake in front of denali mountain

Welcome to Fall! We hope you get the opportunity to enjoy the rain, wind, significantly cooler temperatures, and overabundance of leaves. Since fall is so short, we recommend winterizing now.

Ensure Heating is Operational

Change furnace filters.

If you do not regularly change your filter, there is no better time to do so than during the winter. One of the most common causes of non-functional heat, is a neglected filter. Contact our maintenance line for instructions on locating your filter (if you have one) and bring your old filter into the U-Fix-It for a 1 for 1 exchange. You should check filters monthly and change when you observe excessive dust buildup (at the very least every 90 days).

Change thermostat batteries.

Many thermostats are powered by batteries. Often times excess heat or no heat calls are the result of dead batteries in the thermostat. Proactively changing them will help ensure this doesn’t become an issue.

Winterize your Yard

Put away trampolines (and basketball hoops)

Trampolines are permitted in back yards during the summer months, however they should be put away by no later than October 15th. Snow accumulation in Anchorage can reach many feet and will likely destroy any trampoline left outside. Additionally, should you need to move out in the winter, removing the trampoline will likely not be possible due to snow accumulation.

Pick up loose items (and dog poo).

Ice and snow will prevent any items left on your yard from being accessible as grounds are frozen and covered by snow for the entirety of winter. Each spring, upon thawing of the ground, hundreds of yards must be cleaned due to (dog waste left over from) residents who moved out in the winter.

Apply Hose bibb Covers to exterior spigots.

Hose bibb covers are available at the U-Fix-It; these should be placed over each exterior spigot. This requires remove any hose attached to the spigot.  Hose bibb covers help insulate the faucet and prevent pipes from freezing in the winter and must be placed on all faucets and all homes.

Utilize U-Fix-It

Ice Melt and Arctic Grip

1 25lb bag of ice melt and 1 25lb arctic grip is made available at the U-Fix-It each month starting 1-Nov, although earlier handout may occur should we experience a snow event (2 inches of accumulation or more) prior to this date. These items may be picked up at the U-Fix-It. We will provide further instructions for usage of these products as winter approaches.


Shovels are available for rent at both U-Fix-Its for up to 3 days at a time.

Know your Winter Responsibilities


After two warnings, all parking violations are escalated to Security Forces as they are authorized to tow vehicles. We request that any abandoned or improperly parked vehicles are reported to both us and Security Forces as they are easier to remove prior to snow fall. You should be prepared to remove vehicles from the road while snow removal is in progress.

Mailboxes and Fire Hydrants

If you have a mailbox or fire hydrant within 75 feet from your home, clearing the snow and ice is your responsibility. Fire Hydrants should remain visible from the road at all times. Mailboxes should be free of snow and ice.


Driveways should be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours. It is your responsibly to ensure driveways and sidewalks are cleared.