Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and Care

Top of a red home fire extinguisher.

Every home has a fire extinguisher; most are located in the kitchen area of the home. Residents are responsible for monthly checks of supplied fire extinguishers and bringing expired/faulty extinguishers to U-Fix-It for exchange. (Handbook Section 13.5)

Fire Extinguisher Monthly Checklist

1. Ensure the fill gauge arrow points towards “Full”.

2. Inspect the exterior for damage.

3. Ensure the hose is securely attached and free of internal obstructions.

4. Tilt upside down and tap the bottom to loosen chemicals

5. Bring the extinguisher to the U-Fix-It 1 year from the date on the yellow tag for replacement/reissue.

6. Make sure the red safety pin in the lever hasn’t been broken or tampered with.