Fire Extinguisher Recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recently recalled millions of Kidde brand Fire Extinguishers.  While many residents are not impacted by this recall, there will be some who are.

Determine if you are impacted

1) Check the Handle

Is the handle made out of metal? If so, your fire extinguisher is definitely not included in the recall.

2) Check the Model Number and Date Code

If your handle is plastic, there is a chance that your fire extinguisher is included. You can determine if this is the case by checking the model number located on the label. The CPSC has provided a full list of all model numbers included in the recall. Some model numbers are only recalled if they were manufactured between certain dates.

3) Still not sure?

Bring your fire extinguisher to one of our U-Fix-Its or contact the work order line.

Next Steps

If your AMH provided fire extinguisher is one of the recalled models, you will need to bring it into the U-Fix-It for replacement.  We currently, as of publishing, have a healthy stock of extinguishers available, with more on the way.  Over the coming months, we will work with our suppliers to ensure a continued replenishment of stock and ample replacement availability for all residents.

In the meantime, do not attempt to use a recalled model of fire extinguisher. As always when dealing with fire extinguishers, if attempting to put out a fire increases the risk to life; leave the fire and get out of the home. 

Our maintenance team will be replacing recalled fire extinguishers with new ones for each new move in. So if you move in after this announcement has been posted, you will not have a recalled fire extinguisher in your home.

CO and Smoke Detectors

While we’re on the subject of life safety- we urge all residents to perform monthly tests of smoke and CO detectors in homes, and replace batteries yearly. Smoke and CO detector batteries are available at both U-Fix-Its for a 1 for 1 swap.  These detection systems provide the best and most reliable protection against home fires.

View CPSC Announcement

(Includes Model Numbers of Recalled Extinguishers)