Fire Extinguisher Safety

close up image of red fire extinguisher

Every home has an ABC rated fire extinguisher; most are located in the kitchen area of the home. You are responsible for monthly checks of the supplied fire extinguisher, as well as bringing expired/faulty extinguishers to U-Fix-It for exchange.


Aurora Military Housing provides all homes with ABC rated extinguishers. These are ideal for extinguishing….

A: Trash, Wood and Paper Fires

B: Liquid Fires (i.e. gasoline, paint)

C: Electrical Fires

For kitchen fires (i.e. grease), fire extinguisher use is not recommended. Instead, if possible, cover fire and remove from heat source.

Caring for your Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers should be inspected once a month. It only takes a minute or so, and will ensure that the extinguisher functions properly should you need to use it.

  1. Check Fill Gauge: Ensure arrow is pointing toward “Full”.
  2. Inspect exterior for damage.
  3. Ensure hose is securely attached and free of internal obstructions.
  4. Loosen Chemicals: Tilt upside down and tap bottom.
  5. Check Yellow Tag: Bring the extinguisher to the U-Fix-It 1 year from the date on the tag for replacement/reissue.
  6. Safety Pin: Ensure the red pin in the lever hasn’t been broken or tampered with.

Using your Fire Extinguisher

  1. Only use on small fires, when the room isn’t filled with smoke, when everyone has exited the building and the fire department has been called.
  2. Stand roughly 8-10 feet from the fire and ensure that your back is facing a clear, unobstructed exit. (If outside, be conscious of wind direction.)
  3. Use PASS when attempting to extinguish a fire:
    P: PULL the pin on the handle, point the nozzle away from you.
    A: AIM low: You want to hit the base of the fire.
    S: SQUEEZE the lever: Slow and Steady.
    S: SWEEP the nozzle: back and forth at the base of the fire.
  4. If Extinguishing fails, the room fills up with smoke, or your escape path becomes threatened…Get Out!

Visit the U-Fix-It

Expired, faulty, damaged, or discharged fire extinguishers can be exchanged for free at the U-Fix-It.

Correction 7/6: Added clarification regarding fire extinguishers and kitchen (grease) fires.