Government Shutdown (2018)

Capital Building in DC

While many Military families could potentially feel the consequences of the government shutdown, we do not believe there will be a substantial effect on the housing experience for our residents.

Business as Usual

Our offices and Self Help Centers (U-Fix-Its) will not close due to the shutdown. Maintenance service will continue. Applicants who apply directly with us will still be able to lease homes and residents will still be able to depart housing.

Active Duty: Rent Payment

All active duty residents pay rent with the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) via allotment. BAH allotments have not been affected by government shutdowns in the past, but we will continue to work directly with the Military to address any challenges should they arise. Rest assured that at no time will we charge a late fee if BAH is delayed due to the shutdown or require active duty residents to make a rent payment with anything other than BAH.

Other Eligible Residents: Rent Payment

A small number of residents of JBER are not active duty and do not receive BAH. We understand that many of those who fall into this category (Military retirees, DOD Contractors, Civil Service Employees, and Traditional Guard and Reserve members) may not receive paychecks during the shutdown, making it difficult to pay rent. If the shutdown lasts through the first of the month and you foresee a challenge in paying rent, we ask that you contact our office directly. We understand the stress that can arise from being unable to meet financial obligations due to a government shutdown and will work with you to ensure peace of mind and continued residency. 

In Closing

It is our intent to ensure the government shutdown has a minimal impact on our residents. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office directly.