Interior Design Contest (2020)

Good design is more than just a swipe of a credit card, or matching a color wheel. It’s an infusion of your personality and your families’ personality into every corner of a home. Our first annual Love Where You Live Contest aims to recognize members of our community who have taken their house and turned it into a home.


  1. Organize, tidy up, then photograph at least 3 rooms. We’ll accept a 4th room, but no more please | Due by 10 April 2020 at 12 PM. 
  2. Upload your photos to our website (you may share multiple photos of each room if you’d like)
  3. Our judges will review and pick 4 finalists from each category.
  4. We’ll post photos of the finalists on our facebook page, and ask for your vote | Due by 17 April 2020 at 12 PM. 
  5. Winners will be announced by the end of April.

Enter Here (Subject “Interior Design Contest”)



We are breaking the contest into three distinct groups: JNCO, SNCO, and Officer/OETs. We hope this will enable fair competition. This means there will be Grand Prize, Runner Up, and Finalist Prizes in each of the three groups.


Judging will take place in two rounds. The first round will narrow down the finalists. Judges will be blind to personal information, including your Branch of Service, and will provide points for the following items:

  • Creativity
  • Color Coordination
  • Use of Textures
  • Overall Cleanliness and Organization
  • Adherence to Theme/Style

The second round will include the homes selected by the judges. These homes will be voted on via facebook polls. All photos of each home will be available to help the community decide a winner.

Who are the Judges?

The judges are representatives from various organizations across JBER.



First/Grand Prize: $200
Second/Runner Up: $100
Finalist(s): $50


First/Grand Prize: $200
Second/Runner Up: $100
Finalist(s): $50


First/Grand Prize: $200
Second/Runner Up: $100
Finalist(s): $50


Soak it up at the link below.

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