JBER-R Self Help Center Closure

The exterior of the Richardson U-Fix-It Center on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson

Effective 17 March 2020 at 4 PM, the JBER-R Self Help Center will be closing permanently.

How could you?


  • Low Utilization. In 2019, we reduced the hours of the JBER-R self help center after years of tracking utilization as we found that on average, the JBER-R self help center was serving < two (2) people daily from 8:30 AM to 12 PM. Even with a change to hours, the average number of customers daily at the JBER-R self help center from 2015 to 2020 has remained below nine (9).
  • Consolidation, not cuts. All items, from batteries for smoke detectors, to child safety products, to move out resources will be readily available at the JBER-E self help center. Nothing is being thrown out, or removed.
  • Staffing what matters. Like every organization on the planet, we have limited resources. Our greatest resources are the individuals who make up our team and we believe we’re at our best, when they’re focused on serving residents to the fullest extent.

Why so soon?

Our plan was to close on 17 April, however with the uncertainty surrounding the Novel Coronavirus (and with a number of planned temporary changes to our operation in the pipeline) we made the difficult decision to accelerate the closure and shut down immediately.

If you still have an item rented out from the JBER-R Self Help Center, we’ll contact you to coordinate the return (don’t worry, you won’t be charged any late fees).

So what is changing?

Emergency Laundromat

In 2019, we established an emergency laundromat in the JBER-R self help center, this will remain operational and accessible.

JBER-E Self Help Center Hours

The hours will remain the same for the time being. We plan on expanding hours once the COVID-19 response is over and business returns to normal.

JBER-E Self Help Center Remodel

Phase 1 of the Self Help Center Remodel is complete! When all is said and done, our goals with this new and improved location include:

  • Cleaner, more welcoming feel.
  • Additional emphasis on move in and move out resources.
  • Improved merchandising; visual presentation on what resources are available.
  • Hands on training center.

Winter Handouts

We are working on a plan to allow for convenient Ice Melt and Gravel pickup for JBER-R residents during the winter months, so there is no need to drive to JBER-E. More to come in the fall.