Lease Compliance Reminders (2022)

There’s a lot to keep track of as a resident. Keeping your account with Aurora current helps us better serve you. Here are a few reminders to keep everything in order.

Household and Rank Changes

Expecting a new child? Going through a divorce? Got a promotion? Any changes to your family should be reported immediately in writing to Aurora; specifically, anything that impacts your eligibility for housing.

Additions to your family may qualify you for a unit to unit move, if so desired. Whereas removals keep those whom are no longer residing at your home from using lockout services or getting new keys. Reporting promotions or demotions allows us to adjust your MAC allotment; promotions are not automatically reported to us. When rank changes are not reported and the proper amount is not deducted, you can incur a large balance resulting from the difference between the actual rent charge for your rank and what we are deducting.

These updates are required as part of your lease agreement; luckily, a simple email with your address, name, and any relevant details surrounding the change usually suffices.

Send us an Email

Pet Changes

Any pets in your household must be reported to AMH and must receive approval from the JBER veterinarian. Our online pet application form allows you to quickly report new pets. Up to two pets are allowed in housing. If requesting a third pet, a brief inspection is required to receive a waiver.

View Pet Application

Notice of Absence

When leaving your home for 5 or more days, you are required to provide AMH with a Notice of Absence. This allows for a person of your choosing to be designated as a point of contact for your home; they can pick up items from the Self Help Center on your behalf and request access in the case of a lockout. Selecting a neighbor, friend, or coworker to watch your home while you’re gone can help reduce the chance of costly or stressful maintenance emergencies.

View Notice of Absence Form

30 Day Notice

Received orders? Purchased a home off base? A 30 Days Notice to Vacate is always required. This can be completed electronically.

View 30 Day Notice to Vacate Form

Special Modification Request

Formally referred to as a ‘Self Help Request’, this form is required when making modifications to your home. Examples of some common reasons for submitting this form include -hanging shelves, painting walls, installing specialized locks or doorbells.

View the Special Modification Request Form