Message on COVID-19 (17 March)

Across the world, businesses are making drastic changes to “flatten the curve”. Federal, state, and local leaders across the country have uniformly and nearly unanimously requested businesses take serious precautions and steps to limit social interaction.


1. JBER-E and JBER-R Offices: Appointments Only

The CDC and president recently advised against congregations of more than 10 people. For that reason, we’re closing our JBER-E and JBER-R offices to walk-ins until further notice. Please call ahead or send us a message if you need to talk.

  • We are working with everyone impacted by the cancellation of orders.
  • We are still scheduling move ins and move outs.
  • Credit card fees are temporarily waived if payment is made over the phone.
  • We understand that the closures of certain businesses across the country may cause financial hardships on some families. We are here to help, and will work with you; please contact our office to discuss.

2. JBER-R Self Help Center: Closed

We’re closing our JBER-R self help center indefinitely. (This was planned long before the virus, unfortunately, timing couldn’t be worse).

3. JBER-E Self Help Center: Modified Operation

We’re requiring online orders or calling ahead to the Self Help Center. Our team will gather requested items and place them in a tote near the door.

Place an Online Order for Pickup

4. Community Center Cancellations

Following the CDC’s directive to reduce large gatherings, all community center reservations between 3/18/2020 and 4/1/2020 have been cancelled. This was not an easy decision to make, and we deeply apologize for all impacted parties.

5. Online Resources

Website Chat Functionality

We’re launching a convenient online chat feature directly on our website to offer an additional avenue to better serve you. This will be available during business hours, and will go live later this week.

COVID-19 Landing Page

We have set up a landing page to keep you updated on the status of our operation.

View COVID-19 Page


  1. Please continue to run the water in your basement mop sink at pencil width, and check the drain for obstructions prior to leaving; doing this will help prevent the water lines from freezing. While it is getting warm outside, the ground is still frozen.
  2. If you are currently “making do” without TP because of the incessant hoarding; please do not flush paper towels, wet wipes, disinfectant wipes, old T-shirts, and napkins down the toilet.