Alaskan Wildlife: Highlight on Moose!

A big cow moose with a calf in the summer

Despite common belief, moose are just, if not more, dangerous than bears. You will likely encounter them during your time here in Alaska, here are some tips for staying safe.


  • Keep dogs leashed. An otherwise calm moose can get easily agitated with a dog.
  • Keep your distance.
  • Drive slowly in neighborhoods: Especially around dawn or dusk; collisions with moose are very common.
  • Call the police if you hit one: Reporting collisions with moose is the law!


  • Step between a mother and her children; if you see a calf but no mom, be alert.
  • Attempt to pet, even if it appears docile.
  • Attempt to feed.


  • Raised hair on humps, ears folded back, licking lips, slowly walking towards you.


  • Run: Unlike bears, running from moose is recommended; they will often give up the chase early and easily.
  • Hide behind an obstruction such as a tree, fence, or rock. They have a hard time circling around.
  • A moose can kick from any angle, so standing behind them does not provide shelter.
  • If you’re knocked down: Get in a ball and protect your head. If the moose keeps running past you, attempt to get up and hide behind an obstruction.