Going on Vacation? Prepare your home!

Happy family of four with suitcases in the airport

Before you hop on the plane and plop yourself down on that beach, take a moment to ensure you’re protecting your home from damage.

1) Find a Caretaker

You’ll want to find someone, whether it be a friend, colleague, or neighbor, whom you trust enough to monitor your home for maintenance concerns, and perform any required exterior maintenance (cutting grass, shoveling snow, bringing tipsters to the curb, etc.).

2) Fill Out and Submit out a Notice of Absence Form



3) Print Two Copies…

Put one on the refrigerator
And give one to your designated caretaker (this helps expedite the key request process if they get locked out)

4) Review Tenant Handbook (Section 3) 

Since you are still responsible for your unit, you’ll want to ensure your caretaker is aware of and willing to abide by Aurora’s Standards.

Day of Departure Checklist:

Turn off all lights.
Close all windows.
Ensure appliances (excluding fridge) are off.
Make sure all faucets (interior/exterior) are shut off.
Give the designated caretaker a key.
Dispose of Perishables
Ensure hose bibb covers are in place (Winter).
Set Heat to 68 degrees (Winter)
Reschedule or give PTE for any work orders scheduled during the period of absence.