One Time Spring Clean (2019)

Brown doggie digging

Yards in Alaska spend many months covered in layers of ice and snow.  This makes removal of pet waste, and preparation of the yard difficult (if not impossible) when performing change of occupancy maintenance during the winter months.

Spring Clean Program

If you moved in between 15 October 2018 and 1 May 2019, you may qualify for our annual, one time spring clean of your yard.

How do I submit my request?

  1. Check your yard to verify you need maintenance performed. While many residents who moved in during this period will discover holes, dog waste, and general yard damage left by the previous residents, many residents take extreme pride in their yards, and left you with no damages.
  2. Contact maintenance to submit your request. You can do this online or during business hours. Please contact maintenance no later than 1 May 2019.
  3. Prepare your yard. You will be given a window in which the maintenance will be performed. Please ensure pets are not loose in the yard during this period; our contractor will not be able to enter a yard with pets.

Submit Maintenance Request

When do the actual cleanings begin?

This is somewhat weather contingent. Spring cleans can begin between as early as 15 April and as late as 15 May.