Pet Owner Etiquette

Owning pets can be a rewarding experience, and we’re proud to be a pet friendly community. Before you acquire your four legged family member, make sure you’re aware of the installation and housing requirements pertaining to pets.

Register your Pets

The first step is getting approval. Filling out a pet application with us and visiting the JBER Veterinarian ensures that your pet is properly vaccinated and is not a JBER-prohibited breed. This step is essential for the safety of our staff and your neighbors.

Know the costs

Emotional and monetary costs to owning pets are often overlooked.

Are you going to be home enough to give the pet the care they need, or will they spend long periods of time alone? Will someone be able to watch your pet when you go on vacation? All pets are different, as are all families; we hope you take the time to carefully evaluate the role a pet will have in your home.

At Aurora, while there are no pet fees or deposits required in housing, note that untrained pets can wreak havoc on a home. Interior and exterior damage done by pets does not qualify as normal wear and tear.  While most pet owners leave with little to no charges at move out, it is possible to accrue substantial charges especially due to urine damage on flooring.

Reoccurring expenses, such as vaccinations, training, food, toys, etc do add up and emergency vet expenses can devastate a family; visit a pet store and speak with a vet ahead of purchase/adoption to get an idea of the overall cost of pet ownership and ensure your family will be able to support your pet.

Invest in a leash

Leashes keep your pets (specifically dogs) within your area of control.  We do not always know how dogs will react to unfamiliar faces, children, or other dogs; use a leash to help reduce the risk of an attack and keep your pets out of others’ space.

Pick up the poo

Your furry friends are an extension of you and your family. Whether it’s your yard, a neighbors’ yard or a common area; pick up the poo and dispose of it. Nobody likes poo on their shoe or in their yards.

Keep Fido from becoming a nuisance

Late night barking, howling, or growling sessions that disrupt your neighbors’ beauty sleep violate Aurora and installation policy.  All animals are expected to abide by quiet hours.