Pet Owner Responsibilities

Wednesday, August 23, 2023


Pet Owner Responsibilities

Wednesday, August 23, 2023


Owning pets can be a rewarding experience, and we’re proud to be a pet friendly community. However, it is important that as pet owners, we understand that our four-legged friends are an extension of our family, and we are responsible for their actions. The following topics address some recurring concerns that Aurora Housing and JBER have recently observed.

The Costs of Pet Ownership

Before you acquire your four-legged family member, it is important that you acknowledge the costs of ownership.

Emotional and monetary costs to owning pets are often overlooked.

Are you going to be home enough to give the pet the care they need, or will they spend long periods of time alone? Will someone be able to watch your pet when you go on vacation? Are you able to invest the time required to train the animal to ensure it is an upstanding member of the JBER community?

All pets are different, as are all families; we hope you take the time to carefully evaluate the role a pet will have in your home.

At Aurora, while there are no pet fees or deposits required in housing, note that untrained pets can wreak havoc on a home. Interior and exterior damage done by pets does not qualify as normal wear and tear. While most pet owners leave with little to no charges at move out, it is possible to accrue substantial charges especially due to urine damage on flooring.

Reoccurring expenses, such as vaccinations, training, food, toys, etc do add up and emergency vet expenses can devastate a family; visit a pet store and speak with a vet ahead of purchase/adoption to get an idea of the overall cost of pet ownership and ensure your family will be able to support your pet.

Register your Pets

The first step to owning a pet is getting approval. For a pet to be permitted on JBER, you must:

Additionally, the pet must not be a restricted breed. These restrictions are set by the Department of Defense, and discovery of animals that are restricted can lead to removal of the animal from JBER.

Invest in a Leash

Leashes, under the control of an individual physically able to control the animal, help keep your pets within your area of control. Note that pets should never be tethered outside of the fenced area.

We do not always know how animals will react to unfamiliar faces, children, or other animals; use a leash to help reduce the risk of an attack and keep your pets out of others’ space. You must always maintain leashed control of the animal, even in common areas, such as open fields or trails.

Humane Treatment Concerns

Unfortunately, even on JBER, instances of abuse and neglect sometimes occur. We understand this can be upsetting to see and will do our best to work with any family upon receiving a report. Please report instances of neglect directly to Aurora Housing with any relevant documentation. While posting on social media or doxing may feel good, this can complicate and dampen our ability to productively address these issues directly with the resident.

Some examples of neglect include:

  • Leaving pets outside unattended for extended periods of time.
  • Leaving pets outside unattended during severe weather.
  • Physically maiming or injuring animals.
  • Starving or failing to provide water to an animal.
  • Hygiene neglect, i.e. failing to pick up pet waste (inside or outside of the home).

Understand your Liability

The consequences of an attack by a pet are severe and can lead to removal of the pet from the installation and termination of the lease. In addition to the mechanisms used by JBER and Aurora Housing to respond to these incidents, you may also open yourself up to legal challenges from injured parties or law enforcement agencies.

Attacks by animals must be immediately reported to Security Forces (911), with a follow up report provided to Aurora Housing; please do not attempt to worsen the situation by taking matters into your own hands.

Aggressive animals should also be immediately reported to Security Forces (911), with a follow up report provided to Aurora Housing.

Pick up the Poo

Whether it’s your yard, a neighbors’ yard or a common area; pick up the poo and dispose of it.

We have installed pet waste removal stations at a variety of parks throughout JBER to help assist these efforts, however the responsibility to pick up pet waste still lives with the owner of the pet, regardless of whether a waste removal station is present.

While your yard is your space, you are still responsible for picking up pet waste; the smell can quickly become a nuisance to your neighbors.

Nuisance Animals

While your pet may be central to your life, please respect the fact that others’ may not want your pet in their life.

Excessive barking, howling, or growling sessions that disrupt your neighbors’ enjoyment of their home or entry of pets into their yards, regardless of the time of day is a violation of Aurora Housing Policy, and can lead to removal of the pet from the installation.

If you witness a nuisance pet, please report it directly to Aurora Housing, if the disruption occurs during quiet hours, a report can also be provided to Security Forces (907-552-3421).