Pick Up the Poo

woman picking up dog poo

Your furry friends are an extension of you and your family. Whether it’s your yard, a neighbor’s yard or a common area…when nature calls, pick up the poo and dispose of it.

Respect the Grass

Whether you’re playing kickball, having a picnic, or taking a stroll; you’ve probably walked through or experienced grass at some point. And if you’ve experienced grass, you’ve likely encountered its (significantly) darker and squishier side.  Of all the activities that can take place in a lush, green field; stepping in or slipping on a fresh dog poop is among the least enjoyable.

Where to dispose of pet waste?

Luckily, JBER is full of places where one can properly dispose of pet waste. Once you’ve bagged up Fido’s business, place it in a trash can. This can be your trash can (double bag if the smell is strong) or a common area trash can. If you notice an issue with a common area trash can, please report it to our maintenance team.

Do I have to pick it up in the winter?

Yes! Snow simply covers up dog waste, it does not eliminate it. Come springtime and all the unpleasantness of breakup the poos will be right where you left them, de-thawed and ready to wreak havoc on shoes of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

Isn’t this just common courtesy?

Yes. Unfortunately our grounds team and contractors have observed a concerning level of neglect. Various agencies, including schools, have also expressed concerns and cited incidents arising from this years’ unusual level of disregard for common areas, school grounds, and playgrounds.

A clean and safe JBER

We love our dogs and we love our community. Keeping dogs on leashes and picking up after them will go a long way in making our community welcoming and pristine.