Be a good neighbor

Living in close proximity to total strangers can sometimes be a challenge, here are some tips to build positive relationships with your neighbors.

Get to know your neighbors

Say hi, wave, bring over a fruitcake, talk about the weather … You don’t have to be friends, mere interaction opens a line of communication which makes resolution of disputes easier.

Participate in timely and polite discussion

Accusatory, sarcastic, confrontational, passive-aggressive attempts to resolve disputes almost always lead to unwanted escalation. If a neighbor does something to upset you, cool down before approaching, but do approach—letting something slide only builds frustration and can create greater conflict in the long run.

Read the Resident Handbook

Specifically Sections 7 (Parking), 9 (Pets), 10 (Good Neighbors), and 11 (Community).

Know how to escalate

All encounters and conflicts are different. What is all boils down to is using your best judgement to solve the issue at hand and prevent over-escalation.

1. Speak with your neighbor

Most issues are easily solved at the lowest level. While it can be uncomfortable speaking directly with your neighbor, in most situations, it results in a positive outcome.

2. Speak with your Leadership

If you are unable to solve the issue on your on your own, recruiting the help of your chain of command is the next logical move.

3. Submit a formal complaint to Aurora Housing

We require all complaints be submitted in writing. There are two ways to do this a) visit our office and fill out a comment form or b) submit a comment/complaint online (select subject “Comment /Complaint”). What we are able to assist with varies drastically with the nature of the complaint. Whether it be us contacting the resident directly, sending out a grounds inspector, sending a formal lease violation notice, or contacting leadership or command; there are a number of tools at our disposal. We’ve provided an example below of some of the steps that we can take as a landlord.

Example 1: Mrs. Smith borrowed a cup of sugar but never returned the cup. 

Losing one’s treasured measuring cup is certainly a frustrating situation but this is not a housing nor a lease violation issue.

Example 2: The Smith’s dog howls, barks, growls, and does other loud dog things repeatedly during quiet hours. 

If you were unable to make headway with Mrs. Smith and her loudmouth dog, submitting a formal complaint to Aurora is the best approach. We will review the residents files, make contact, and/or submit a lease violation notice.

Example 3: The Smith’s moved out two weeks ago and left their rusted out ’97 Camry in overflow parking. 

Since they have moved out, there is no real way for you to contact them, so jump on ahead to step 3 and submit a formal complaint. Photos of abandoned vehicles help. Our grounds team will ticket the vehicle, and if no movement, we will take further action with Security Forces.

There are countless scenarios, conflicts and pathways to solutions. We always advise taking the least intrusive, cordial, and respectful approach. 

*Contact Security Forces

In certain situations, contacting Security Forces is the best approach. Illegal activities such as excessive late night partying, illegal drug use, drunk driving, traffic violations, threats etc are all serious legal issues that cannot be solved by a friendly conversation or a freshly baked apple pie. Non- emergencies should be sent to the non-emergency line (552-3421), while immediate threats or danger should be called into 911.