Prevent Pipe Freezing

faucet and water flow

To help combat the frost in the ground and prevent pipe freezing, we ask that all residents run cold water in lower level sinks at pencil width.

But it’s getting warmer…why now?

While it has started feeling warmer outside (more sun, yay!) the ground itself is still frozen (and is still freezing). As the freeze thaw cycle continues, the frost pushes lower and lower. We sometimes have challenges with water lines (the pipes that bring water into your home) when frost reaches their depth in the ground; usually around the same time temperatures begin rising to or above the freezing mark. We can prevent them from freezing by ensuring some water is always flowing through them; that’s where we need your help!

It only takes a minute to set up…

  1. Clear the sink of obstructions
  2. Ensure water drains properly
    (We don’t want your sink to overflow; ensure drains are functioning properly)
  3. Turn on the cold water
    (The water stream should be very thin, roughly pencil width)

Following the above steps will ensure consistent water flow through underground pipes, greatly reducing the risk of freezing!

This action will no longer be required when all snow has melted and temperatures are continually above freezing.