Provider Drive Maintenance (2019)

773d Civil Engineer Squadron will be repaving Provider Drive from 13 May until the end of June. This multi-stage project will have a large impact on the Silver Run neighborhood, with multiple changes to traffic patterns taking place through each phase.

773d CES Requests

We have been asked by the installation to help spread the word.


This project will impact your neighborhood more so than any others.

  • Do not bring campers, trailers, etc into Silver Run during the construction period. JBER authorities will not allow you to pass, as lanes on provider will be very narrow. They have requested that these large items be parked at your place of work (if allowed) or in storage for the duration of the project.
  • If you are scheduled to move out during the construction period, AMH will provide your contact information to 773 CES. The construction team will contact you to discuss the move out process and schedule to ensure the movers are able to gain access.


  • Give yourself ample time to commute to work. During periods of construction, it may be difficult to return home during the lunch period.
  • Drive cautiously through the construction zone, obeying all constructional personnel, marquees, and signs.


Our team will also be impacted by this project, as contractors with large vehicles will be required to schedule entrance into the neighborhoods and technicians will spend more time in traffic.  We are working to efficiently provide all core services, with a minimal impact to Silver Run Residents.

Questions, Comments?

Aurora Military Housing manages housing on JBER, we do not manage JBER’s primary traffic infrastructure, utilities, gates, etc. For this reason, we highly encourage you to seek information from official JBER sources (we’ve listed a few below). As always, we will do our best to pass on information and help answer questions with the information we have, but we may refer you to our JBER partners if unable to assist.

Should you have any questions, please contact 773d CES at 552-3726/3727 and your contact information with be referred to the proper personnel.

773d CES has requested that any complaints or feedback be submitted through the ICE system.

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In Closing

While this will be an inconvenience, we support the efforts of our partners on JBER as they put long summer hours into the many projects aimed at improving the safety and functionality of installation infrastructure.