Road Closure, JBER-E (2018)

road detour sign

If you live in the Chugach or Moose Crossing neighborhoods, or frequent the Muldoon gate; you will be affected by this closure.

Why the closure?

673d Civil Engineering will be constructing an extension of Wilkins Avenue that will connect to Zeamer Avenue. Front Circle Drive south will be permanently closed.

What roads are affected?

Primarily Front Circle Drive. Meaning that those in the Chugach neighborhood who need to travel north, will have to utilize the Grady Highway until construction is completed. In addition, a temporary 3 way stop will be installed at the intersection of Grady Highway and Zeamer Avenue.

How long is the construction?

Construction will commence on 18 June and finish up on 15 September.

Just show me a map!

Sure! Check it out below (the link will take you to external site- JBER).

View the Map

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