Road Scraping (14 March) [Updated]

snowy road with some pavement showing


Our snow contractor will begin making their way through the neighborhoods starting on 14 March to begin scraping roads. The plows will make every effort to remove ice from roads, however, they will be far more effective with fewer obstructions…so please park cars in driveways or garages when at all possible.

They will be initially focusing on reported problem areas, so the order in which they visit neighborhoods will be different than prior snow events.

Update (15 March)

Crews are continuing ice removal across base. They are expected to continue to make multiple passes through neighborhoods. Efforts will continue this weekend and into next week.

Update (20 March)

Crews are continuing ice removal across base and plan on actively cleaning up/treating problem areas through the end of the week. Ice/slush removal will begin around noon each day and continue into the evenings as needed.

20 March: Crews will focus on JBER-E

21 March: Crews will focus on JBER-R

22 March: Crews will tackle problem areas as discovered/ directed by our team.