Road Scraping (19 March) [Update]

snowy road with some pavement showing

The spring melt is upon us. Plows will be removing slush, ice, and snow from the roads over the coming days. In addition, our team will continue to clear snow from the front of storm drains to ensure effective drainage.

UPDATE: 27 March

Due to the short periods/windows of above freezing temperatures, we have not yet been able to contend with the immense amount of ice in many of our neighborhood cul-de-sacs. We will continue to respond to emergent flooding issues throughout neighborhoods so please continue to share these concerns with our team, but ice complaints will be resolved when we can successfully make an impact and scrape them down appropriately.

UPDATE: 21 March

The plows are only effective at removing ice when temperatures are above freezing. Due to the short periods/windows of above freezing temperatures, scraping is unfortunately taking longer than normal snow removal. Today was not productive, as roads were frozen almost the entire day. They will continue to make multiple passes through troubled spots and neighborhoods across the installation over the coming days.


Our snow contractor will begin making their way through the neighborhoods starting on 19 March. The plows will make every effort to fully plow roads, however, they will be far more effective with fewer obstructions…so please park cars in driveways or garages when at all possible.