Safety Spotlight: New Residents

We’ve compiled a list of common questions or inquiries we receive, primarily from new residents or those whom have never lived in an Arctic environment.

My house keeps shocking me!

Static electricity is common in areas such as Alaska that have low humidity.  Purchasing and running a humidifier can help reduce static.

Why is the smoke detector beeping?

Is it slow, periodic beeps? You should replace the batteries. (You know the drill, bring the old ones to the U-Fix-It and we’ll give you brand new, fully charged replacements.)
Is it a Siren?  Smoke or CO has been detected- leave the house immediately and call 911.

All Smoke/CO detectors should be tested once a month. If the above doesn’t solve the issue, call the maintenance line; issues with life safety systems are considered emergencies!

My light fixtures are humming, is that normal?

If the fixture uses fluorescent bulbs, it is common to hear a buzzing noise.  This comes from the ballast (power source).  Any other buzzing should be reported to maintenance.

How often must I change my HVAC system’s filters?

First determine how heat is delivered.  Do you have baseboard heat? If so, you won’t have filters.

If you have forced air heating you should check and change filters every 30 days; a major reason heating units shut off is due to reduced airflow from clogged filters! Bring in your old filter to the U-Fix-It and we’ll swap it out with a brand new one.

Do I really have to clean my lint trap every time I use my dryer?

Yes! Aside from reducing the risk of a fire, it also makes the drying more efficient.

There’s mold in my shower!

Are you using the exhaust fan? Do you leave the bathroom door open when you’re done with the shower?  Moisture that gets trapped in the bathroom creates the ideal environment for growing mold.  Be sure to run the exhaust fan and leave the bathroom door open when you’re done.

Often times mold gets confused with mildew; although both require high ambient humidity to thrive.

Speaking of the exhaust fan…mine keeps running.

Many units have exhaust fans that are programmed to run constantly or on cycles.  This is normal.