Road Sanding (14 Nov)

This is our first major winter weather event of the year! We will post updates such as this when our snow removal contractor plans to operate in the neighborhoods.


Our snow removal contractor has been dispatched and will be making their way through the neighborhoods starting at 7 AM on 14 November (Thursday) focusing on inclines, intersections, and other slippery areas. Depending on the ongoing road conditions, they may make multiple passes through the neighborhoods over the coming days.

Update: 11/15

Crews are out once again sanding roads with a focus on problem areas such as hills and intersections.


Exercise Caution

Please be extra cautious when driving through the neighborhoods. Keep your distance from other vehicles and mindful of pedestrians; not everyone on the road has experience driving in slippery conditions. While sanding can increase traction in icy conditions, it does not fully negate the effects of ice.