Self Help Center Safety Resources

hand placing a childproof outlet cover on an outlet

Whether childproofing a home or looking to keep life safety devices operational; the self help center has many resources for your home.

What is the Self Help Center?

Located at the rear of 6350 Arctic Warrior Drive. The self help center stocks rentable tools, seasonal resources, and a variety of products that allow you to complete minor repairs or add improvements to your living space. With the exception of some rentable items, such as carpet shampooers, many items can be ordered ahead of time at the link below and even placed in a locker that is accessible for after hours pickups; but walk ins are always welcome!

Location: 6350 Arctic Warrior Drive (exterior)
Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 AM to 5PM

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Safety Resources

Outlet Safety Plugs

Plastic outlet plugs allow you to block off unused outlets and help prevent children from sticking objects into outlets. These do not replace proper supervision of children, but can help reduce the risk of shock.

Cabinet and Drawer Latches

Cabinet and drawer latches are easy to install and add a barrier to curious children looking to explore cabinets. Latches are easy for adults to bypass, but can pose a challenge for small children. These do not replace proper supervision of children. Proper storage of potentially dangerous chemicals, medication, etc is still encouraged; please place these items out of reach of children.

Blind String Holders

Blind string holders screw into the wall and allow you to keep strings out of reach of children. These do not replace proper supervision of children, but can reduce the risk of strangulation from blind strings.

Window Limiter Devices

These devices can be installed on windows and can prevent them from opening all of the way helping reduce the risk of falls. You will need to complete a Special Modification Request form (formally Self Help Request) before picking these up. When completing the form, you can request that Aurora complete the install, if requesting this, there is no need to pick up the devices from Self Help: our maintenance team will reach out to you and schedule an appointment. These do not replace proper supervision of children but can help reduce the risk of falls.

Smoke/ CO Detector Batteries

Batteries are available for those looking to replace their smoke/CO batteries (bring in the old batteries for a 1 for 1 exchange). This must be done at least once annually to ensure these critical devices are able to operate normally. Once batteries are replaced, you will need to hold the button on the detector to perform a test.

Fire Extinguishers

You can bring in your old fire extinguisher (once annually) to have it inspected and recertified by our self help center team. If an extinguisher does not pass our inspection (or if you bring in an extinguisher that has been discharged) we will replace it.