Set Up a MyPay Allotment (Cable)

Man with Remote

Setting up a MyPay Allotment only takes a few minutes, and is the easiest way to pay for the Aurora Cable Package.

Set up your allotment

  1. Log into your MyPay Account
  2. Choose the Allotments Tab
  3. Choose Start an Allotment
  4. Make this a Dependent Type allotment
  5. Routing number: 125200057
  6. Account number:
    1. Chugach, Silver Run, Sunflower, and Dallas: 1102226653
    2. Houston, Moose Crossing [Non-fish streets], Cherry Hill, New Sunflower, Denali, GOQ, Denver, and Dayton: 7380516463
    3. Puffin Park, Cottonwood, Fireweed, Independence, Raven Ridge, Moose Haven, Kodiak, Birch Hill, and Moose Crossing [Fish Streets]: 5739471836
  7. This allotment will be going into a Savings Account
  8. Allotment amount: $50
  9. Allotee: your name.
  10. Is the allotee a guardian? Yes

Payment and Delinquency

  • Notices are not sent for cable payments, all payments are due at the first of the month of viewing. (i.e. May cable payment is due May 1)
  • Delinquent accounts will be subject to disconnection.
  • Re-connection will occur no sooner than 24 hours and no later than 72 hours after payment is made in full.

Modification and Cancellation

  • Any changes to the Aurora Cable package require a new agreement form
  • Additional Services not included in the package, must be purchased and paid for through GCI.
  • There is no cancellation fee, however charges will continue until all cable boxes are returned.

JBER’s GCI Sales Representative : Tony Tarbert, 907.223.9424

Aurora Military Housing is not responsible for loss of cable modem usage caused by non-payment, loss of service due to GCI technical issues, signal problems, line failure, or disconnection by GCI.