Snow Event (12 Dec)

Snow Removal In Progress


Our snow contractor will begin making their way through the neighborhoods starting 12 December. You will see multiple snow removal vehicles in your neighborhood over the coming days.  Be sure to remove cars from the roads when possible, as this will enable quicker, more thorough plowing.

Update (13 Dec): Our snow contractor utilized a different tactic during this snow event due to equipment failure. Snow removal is still in progress and will continue into 14 December.

Typically, snow is pushed into the middle of the road (creating wind rows), where a blower then picks up the snow and drops it in a truck to be hauled away. This tactic is the most effective way to remove snow, as it prevents berms and has a minimal effect on traffic flow.

This time, however, the blowers were non-operational at the time of dispatch, so snow was pushed to the side of the road in the interest of maintaining operational roads. This created berms, which are currently being removed. This is not a technique that will be utilized frequently.

Update (14 Dec): Plows are still actively removing snow. For those new to Alaska, wind rows (or berms in the center of the road) are created to enable the blower to quickly pick up and remove snow from the street. Please do not cross over these; use the established lanes instead. These berms should be in the middle of roads for no more than a couple hours (at the very maximum- usually the blower follows closely behind the plow).

Exercise Caution

Please be extra cautious when driving through the neighborhoods. Keep your distance from other vehicles and mindful of pedestrians.


If you qualify for our Deployed Spouse Program, you may opt to receive complimentary driveway snow removal.

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