Snow Event (21 January)

Plows will be out early Tuesday morning!


Our snow contractor will be making their way through the neighborhoods on 21 January (Tuesday). Be sure to remove cars from the roads when possible, as this will enable quicker, more thorough plowing.

Our expectation is 72 hours to remove all snow from residential roads. Factors such as number of vehicles on the roads, current weather conditions, and total accumulation can increase or decrease this time. That being said, our contractor’s goal is always to remove all snow within 48 hours (2 days) of snowfall cessation.

Exercise Caution

Please be extra cautious when driving through the neighborhoods. Keep your distance from other vehicles and be mindful of children out playing and neighbors out shoveling.


If you qualify for our Deployed Spouse Program, you may opt to receive complimentary driveway snow removal.

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