Snow Removal on JBER

A red snow shovel standing in snow.

Alaska is wild, and our weather is no exception. Sunny and 40 can quickly turn to a below freezing blizzard. Snow removal is a common concern to those new to the state, here is how it works.


Aurora’s snow removal contractor gets dispatched once accumulation reaches 2″. At times, dispatch may be delayed due to visibility concerns or during holidays when many cars are parked on the street.

  • Snow removal is conducted between 0900 and 2200 as to not impede on quiet hours… unless JBER command allows for a variance due to extreme weather.
  • Our snow contractors cycle through neighborhoods (the order changes for each snow event) and complete snow removal within 48 hours.
  • Main arteries and school zones always get priority.
  • Plows make multiple passes through neighborhoods; during snow removal, you may notice snow berms on your driveways, these will be removed on a later pass through.

Sanding will sometimes be performed during icy conditions.


Residents are responsible for removing all snow and ice from their driveway, sidewalks, fire hydrants, and mailboxes within 24 hours of snowfall.

Aurora offers 1 bag of ice melt and 1 bag of Arctic Grip a month at our U-Fix-It to assist you. We also provide loaner shovels and ice chippers.

  • Ice Melt is best used after shoveling on areas of heavily packed snow and ice. Upon melting, you must use an ice chipper to remove the ice (otherwise it will just refreeze).
  • Arctic Grip is best used after shoveling and can add extra traction to areas prone to melting/refreezing. Arctic Grip is safer for pets and does not damage grass.

Snow events can be dangerous, and we urge all parents to monitor children and drivers to exercise extreme caution when driving in neighborhoods.