Spotlight on Venmar Systems

house with paper cut out family in grass

A number of homes on JBER-R have integrated whole house fans known as Venmar Systems. These systems are designed to pull stale/moisture laden air from the home and replace it with fresh air.

How do they work?

Venmar systems, when prompted by a user (turned on) help recirculate air throughout a home; exhausting stale air and bringing in fresh air through a filter. These are independent of your heating system, think of them as whole home bath fans.

Why are they only in newer homes?

Newer techniques and construction technology have created homes that are very effective at sealing air in. While this can lower utility usage, it can also create conditions favorable for mold growth. Mold spores are everywhere, but they rely on factors such as stagnant, moist air to enable growth. In short, the Venmar System complements the efficiency of these newer homes by recirculating air.

Image of control panel for venmar system
The Venmar controller is used to control the house fan.

What type of maintenance gets performed on these systems?

Aurora services the system and replaces Venmar System filters quarterly; this does not require access to homes nor does it require resident’s to schedule appointments.

How should I use the system?

There is a remote key pad in each bathroom. Pressing the button on the key pad tells the system to run for a specified period of time. One press runs for 20 minutes, two presses for 30 minutes, and three presses for 60 minutes. We recommend running the system during showers and at minimum for 10 minutes after showers.


Image of control panel for venmar system
Venmar controllers vary in style, but all perform the same functions.

If you have questions about the system, please do not hesitate to contact maintenance.