Spring Housing Reminders

With only a few short weeks till summer, we wanted to be sure to pass on some friendly spring reminders.

Put Away Bird Feeders

Bears are starting to wake up, some have already been sighted around town.  For this reason, bird feeders are prohibited during summer months on JBER.

Be Aware of Outdoor Activities

Longer and warmer days equate to increased outdoor activities. Be sure to take it slow through the neighborhoods as there are large numbers of bikers, runners, and kids at play.

Enjoy the Playgrounds

There are nearly 100 playgrounds scattered throughout our neighborhoods.  Be sure to monitor children and report any maintenance issues to us.  If you notice any suspicious or inappropriate behavior on a playground, you’re welcome to contact us, but please call security forces first.

Grill Safely

Never leave a grill unattended and always be sure to keep it 10 feet from the side of the house, vinyl fence, or other flammable surfaces.  As with any controlled burn, it’s always good to play it safe by keeping your home’s fire extinguisher close at hand.

Submit a Spring Clean Work Order

If you moved in between 21 Oct 2016 (the first snow of the year) to 1 May 2017, you could qualify for a one-time yard spring clean.  The spring clean helps fix any damages to the yard (that were covered by snow) left by the previous resident. Your request must be called in during business hours or submitted online no later than 1 May 2017

Utilize the U-Fix-It

We offer a number of consumable seasonal items at the U-Fix-It to help you keep your yard in impeccable shape! Handout dates are tentative and will updated when we have a set date. We follow the gardening recommendations of our contractors and the ADN Gardening Guru when determining handouts.


Lime should be the first thing spread on most yards; it helps balance out the PH in the soil, and is especially useful for residents with pets.  It should be applied and watered into the lawn at least one week prior to laying down grass seed and fertilized

1 Bag/ Spring
1 Bag/ Fall
Available 26 April 2017


Fertilizer helps promote grass growth.  It should be watered in the soil, and shouldn’t be over-applied.  Putting down too much fertilizer can have the opposite effect- damaging grass and limiting growth.

1 Bag/ Spring
1 Bag/ Fall
Available 10 May 2017

Grass Seed

You can probably guess what grass seed does.  It should be applied and watered in. Persistent watering is far more important than fertilizing; it can take up to two weeks for grass to begin to poke up from the surface.

1 Bag/ Spring
Available 10 May 2017

Top Soil

Our Elmendorf U-Fix-It offers top soil to all residents, however typically only those with over-ambitious (digging) pets will need it.  Keep in mind that you must bring your own container to transport this soil, as it is not bagged.  The top soil is used for repairing holes in yards; it isn’t mulch or planting soil.

Available 26 April 2017