Spring & Summer Safety Reminders

moose in alaska

Preventing Wildlife Encounters

Don’t Feed Wildlife

Feeding wildlife is illegal in Alaska (5 AAC 92.230) and can endanger you, the community, and the animal. Feeding doesn’t have to be intentional; negligent behaviors such as leaving trash or food outside can also lead to a citation.

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are permitted in the winter months (October 30 to April 1) whilst bears are in hibernation, however they should be stowed away during the summer.


Gardens can attract moose to your yard. Moose are always ready to defend their young, and can be just as, if not more, dangerous than bears.

Roll Carts

Store them in your garage at all times (except on trash/recycling pickup days). When placed outside, make sure items inside the bins are securely bagged and that the lid closes.

Keep Food Inside

Pet and human food should be kept inside. Bears and magpies are always looking for a quick snack, do not tempt them.

Report Wildlife

If aggressive or threatening wildlife is sighted in a neighborhood, it should be reported directly to JBER Security Forces at 907.552.3421. Security Forces will dispatch Conservation Law Enforcement personnel. They use a variety of techniques to track, deter, and maintain wildlife populations on the installation; reports from residents greatly assist their efforts in promoting a safe environment for all.

Follow Wilderness Best Practices

There is so much to do on JBER and in Alaska in the summer; ensure you have the proper tools before heading out.

  • Carry bear spray and use bear bells when heading on hikes or outdoor adventures.
  • Hike and explore in groups.
  • Check the weather and pack appropriately.
  • Carry first aid equipment.
  • Let family and friends know your plans before heading out.

General Safety

Grill Responsibly

Grill away from the home, and please do not grill in your garage. Make sure grills are not placed next to fences or siding to avoid damaging.

Keep Pets on Leashes and Under Your Control

Dogs are animals, and while we love them dearly, we cannot always predict their actions. Not only is it common sense and common decency to leash pets; leashes are a requirement on JBER and on trails and public areas in Anchorage.

Pick up the Poo

Get some extra karma points while keeping lawns, fields, and pathways clean and safe.

JBER & DOD Pet Requirements

As a Military Installation, JBER has a variety of rules and restrictions regarding pets and their behavior.

View Pet Policies and Pet Application