Street Sweeping (2019) [Updated]

It looks like spring is finally here to stay (edit: lol, jk). To celebrate the warmer, sunnier weather, we are sending a fleet of street sweepers to remove any traces of winter from the roads.

Street Sweeping Commences

Starting the week of 15 April the street sweepers will begin roaming the streets of Aurora Military Housing, feasting on gravel, rocks, and traction control materials left over on the roadways from winter months.

This takes significantly longer than snow removal, and could extend into the following week; the schedule is only a projection, and will be updated daily. 

Tentatively, the schedule is as follows.

Updates are notated with italics. Completed areas are notated with a strike out.

*Updated 2 May


29 April (Monday)

Birch Hill, Kodiak, Cottonwood, Moose Haven, Independence

30 April (Tuesday)

Moose Crossing

1 May (Wednesday)

Fireweed, Cottonwood


Raven Ridge, Puffin

What do I need to do?

Keep vehicles parked on the roads to a minimum.  The less vehicles, the more effective the street cleaning. Make sure kids are kept away from these large vehicles as they make their way through your neighborhood. Never sneak up on an unsuspecting street sweeper, especially while it is feeding.

How does it work?

Water trucks first wet the roads, this helps reduce the amount of dust that gets kicked up.  The street sweepers then make their way down the road picking up any debris. Picking up debris prevents it from entering the storm drains and polluting Alaska’s pristine ecosystem.

Pothole Patrol

In addition to cleaning the roads, some must be repaired. Potholes form when moisture seeps into cracks in the asphalt. Freezing temperatures cause the moisture to freeze (and expand).

How can I help?

Report potholes to maintenance. We’ve also got a number of areas on our radar, but the more reports the better.