Tipster Reminders

All neighborhoods have recycling tipsters. Additionally, this year we’ve added curbside pickup service for refuse to multiple neighborhoods. If you haven’t had pickup service, be sure to familiarize yourself with the schedule and requirements.

View the schedule below.

2017 Trash and Recycling Schedule

Place tipsters out the morning of pickup.

The trash trucks make their first pickups starting at 0600, so tipsters should be on the curb by then.  Since a major reason for the transition is deterring wildlife, we ask that tipsters not be placed out in the evening prior to pickup.

Only use your issued tipster.

The equipment used by Alaska Waste is automated, and will not be able to pick up anything outside of the tipsters or any personal receptacle.

Position tipster properly.

Putting tipsters within 4 feet of the roadway and 3 feet from other obstacles will ensure the automated vehicles are able to properly grab your receptacle.

Utilize the free bulky item pickup service for large items.

We offer all residents 2 free bulky item pickups per year. Items that will not fit in tipsters, such as couches, tables, etc can be scheduled for pickup.  You may schedule a pickup by contacting maintenance at 753.1091 or submitting a work order request here.

Store tipsters inside.

To prevent bears, ravens, or other animals from snacking on your trash, please store tipsters inside garages.  Once trash/recycling pickup has been completed, be sure to move the tipster back into your garage.