Trash Pickup Reminders

Trash Pile

With PCS season in full swing, be sure to familiarize yourself with the disposal resources available to you on JBER!


  1. There is no set pickup time, there is only a set pickup date. For this reason, trash and recycling receptacles must be on the curb by 0600. Just because a trash vehicle picks up your trash at a certain time one week, doesn’t mean that pickup time will be the same the following week.
  2. Tipsters should be stored inside the garage at all times, this helps reduce the chance of attracting wildlife.
  3. Alaska Waste will not pick up items that are placed outside of the tipster. For disposal of larger items, please utilize our bulky item pickup service.

View the 2018 Trash/Recycling SCHEDULE

Special Services

JBER and Aurora Military Housing provide a number of disposal services to residents.

Bulky Item Pickup

This $150-$300 service is available twice yearly to all residents for free. To schedule a pickup:

  1. Call 907.753.1091 or visit our maintenance form to submit your request.
  2. Move all items to the garage on the scheduled pickup day.

Some accepted items include: furniture, tires, rugs, bicycles/exercise equipment, appliances, lawn mowers, tree/shrub clippings, etc.

Items classified as hazardous are governed by federal, state, and local disposal requirements. Disposing of these items via this service may incur a disposal fee.

JBER Cardboard Dumpsters

JBER has a number of cardboard receptacles set up across the installation. The locations do change from time to time, but currently you’ll likely find them:

  • Building 600: rear parking lot
  • Fairchild Shoppette: near mailboxes
  • Ft. Richardson Libary: front parking lot
  • Airman’s Attic: across from People Center
  • Elmendorf Thrift Shop: off of Quartermaster Road

Reusing and Donating

Not everything needs to be thrown away. Should you have items that are in good working order, but no longer fit your aesthetic/needs, consider donating or selling them.

Yard Sales

Having a yard sale is as easy as picking up a sign from the U-Fix-It!  You can learn more about yard sales, including information about promotion and the base wide community yard sale here.

The ASYMCA Bargain Shop

Located at 8515 Saville Avenue

View Website

Ft. Richardson Thrift Shop

Located at 778 Quartermaster Rd

View Facebook Page

Remember, Dumping is Illegal

Please dispose of your trash appropriately. Placing trash in businesses’ dumpsters or in common areas in your neighborhood is not acceptable.