Trick or Treat on JBER (2019)

JBER will be celebrating Halloween at the following date and time.

Date: 31 October 2019

Time: 6 PM to 8 PM

Location: All Aurora Housing Neighborhoods

During this time, Security Forces will be operating their pumpkin patrol, a special patrol that focuses on neighborhood and pedestrian safety.


Dress for the night

Wear weather appropriate attire. The weather has been acting a bit odd lately, so full on winter gear probably isn’t necessary, but be sure to follow the forecast and prepare for the worst (currently: chilly rain)

Drive cautiously

Take it slow through the neighborhoods and be aware of your surroundings. Security Forces has a zero tolerance policy for reckless, distracted, or drunk driving. If you witness reckless driving, please contact security forces immediately.

Be visible

Wear bright colors and carry flashlights.

Keep the wildlife at bay

Many Alaskans use fake pumpkins, as moose are attracted to real ones. There is no greater sadness than watching hours of tedious carving and artistry get crushed by the jaws of a hungry moose.

Per JBER- Pumpkins are permitted outside during trick or treat hours but please bring them back in before you go to bed.

Edit: Added clarification from JBER. They are allowing pumpkins on Halloween night.

Parental supervision

As always, parents should be a part of the trick or treat experience.

Safe candy handout

Only hand out wrapped candy. If you have the urge to place a handful of loose candy corn somewhere we suggest you utilize your 96 gallon trash receptacle.  Parents should always inspect candy prior to letting children consume any.

Clear driveways and sidewalks of snow and ice

Should it snow, ensure your driveway is cleared. More information on snow removal responsibilities can be found in our handbook.

2019 Halloween on JBER