Utility Conservation: Little ways to Save Big

Lightbulb, House and Trees

Forming healthy energy conservation habits helps pocket books and our planet.  We all know to turn off lights when not in use and keep thermostats set to reasonable temperatures, but what else can be done?  Here are some easy ways to drastically reduce energy consumption.

Replace Furnace Filters Regularly

Check them monthly and replace, at minimum every 90 days.  Clogged filters cause the furnace to work harder, using way more energy. This is why we have filters readily available for free at the U-Fix-It, just bring in the old one, and we’ll swap it out.

Do Full loads of Laundry (in cold water)

According to Consumer Reports warming laundry water accounts for 90% of the energy needed to run a washer.  Modern detergents are engineered to perform effectively in cold water, and clothing generally favors cold water. It’s a win-win!

Keep your Appliances Happy

Appliances use lots of energy; ensure they are operating properly to keep the energy bills down. Always report deteriorated door seals on ovens, dryers, and fridges to maintenance. Clean out dryer lint traps before each use. Keep fridges and freezers full, and only run the dishwasher and washing machine on full loads.  Remember, attempting to fix issues by adjusting or increasing an appliance’s settings doesn’t solve the underlying problem: report all appliance issues to maintenance!

Place Furniture with Conservation in Mind

Your home has either baseboard heating or forced air heating.  Placing furniture on or blocking a baseboard or air vent limits circulation and limited circulation causes boilers and furnaces to run longer and harder.