Utility Program Update (20 February)

The Air Force recently suspended their Utility Allowance Program. JBER has asked us to stop invoicing and crediting at the end of the January billing cycle.

What was the Utility Program?

The Utility Allowance Program or Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP) was a program developed and mandated by the Air Force for all bases and joint bases that are managed by the Air Force (such as JBER). This program was designed as part of a Department of Defense (DOD) directive which guided the branches of service to create programs that contributed to reduced energy consumption. Privatized housing partners, such as Aurora Military Housing are responsible for the implementation of the program, but are not allowed to alter, discontinue, or suspend the program without specific and direct guidance from the Air Force.

To date (on JBER-R alone) over the past two years, the program has successfully reduced overall energy consumption by nearly 30%.

Program Cutoff

The last billing cycle is the January 2020 cycle. This means that any balance owed up to that date will be due and any credit owed will be paid out. This date was selected by JBER command.

Read JBER’s Announcement

What happens now?

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has directed a review of the program and set requirements for reinstating it. In the temporary absence of the program, JBER and Aurora will cover 100% of gas and electric utility consumption in addition to all utilities already included.

Aurora has elected not to continue to provide utility statements until the program is reinstated.

Should I still conserve?

Absolutely. There are many tiny lifestyle adjustments you can make to cut back on energy usage.