Water Outage/ Boil Water Notice (4 October)

View of plumbing tube from inside

Civil Engineering (CE) is performing upgrades and repairs to the water system on JBER that will impact those residing in the Silver Run (and possibly Chugach*) neighborhoods.

Water will be shut off until the work has been completed.

Date: 4 October 2017

Time: 2100 hours until completed (9 PM until work is completed)

Neighborhood: Silver Run (and possibly Chugach)

Important Safety Announcement

A precautionary boil water notice has been issued for the Silver Run neighborhood.  This goes into effect at the commencement of work on 4 October (as soon as water is shut off at 9 PM) and remains into effect until lifted by the State of Alaska. Do not consume water without boiling for 5 minutes until the all clear is given (testing is performed after 24 hours). We will provide updates on our website and facebook, and CE will provide updates via their marquees at the front of the neighborhood.

*While not expected or planned, there is a small chance that the Chugach neighborhood will experience a water outage and/or pressure loss that will lead to a precautionary boil water notice. Should this occur, we will provide updates on our blog and facebook page alongside of updates issued by JBER authorities.

10/5 update- CE has has reported that the Chugach Neighborhood was not impacted.

Learn about boil water notices

View Silver Run BWN (Effective 9 PM 10 Oct)

Questions or Concerns?

Contact CE at 907.552.3173.